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Just one day after the Anaheim Ducks dropped a tantalizing teaser, an eager Reddit user may have spoiled the party.

Thanks to a few dozen folks sending me messages, we learned that earlier today, Reddit user The_Illa_Vanilla posted an image to the Reddit/Hockey boards purportedly showing the new Anaheim Ducks uniforms. The photo revealed home orange and road white Ducks uniforms being modelled by players, based on the quality it was perhaps from a video screencap.

Take a peek:

This photo was posted to Reddit/hockey earlier today

The uniform shows a modernized and re-coloured version of the original 1993 Mighty Ducks logo, with just about every bit of it cleaned up. The shoulder logo, on the road white, at least, is the Ducks’ current primary “D” logo. It’s not yet clear if this is also updated.

The home uniform shows all-orange from head to toe, the helmet, sweater, breezers, and socks. Black, white, and bronze striping on the waist as well as on each sock. We cannot see the sleeve striping.

On the road whites, there is an orange shoulder yoke with a black collar and similar striping around the waist. Orange pants and white socks have black, white, and orange striping. Our only hint of a player number style comes on this uniform: orange with a black drop shadow.

The Ducks teaser from yesterday vs. the original Mighty Ducks logo

While I cannot confirm or deny whether this leak is legit, it certainly looks legit as it lines up perfectly with the teaser we saw yesterday… so we’re going with that.

The Ducks haven’t yet announced if or when they’ll be unveiling a new set, but NHL teams typically release around the annual NHL Draft — this year, the Draft will be held on week from Friday. This would be the first major Ducks rebrand since they changed from Mighty Ducks to Ducks in 2006. Since then, the club removed their Stanley Cup-winning wordmark logo from their chest and replaced it with the “D” that they still wore through to the end of the 2023-24 season.

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