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Hannah Waddingham at the 2024 Olivier Awards

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Hannah Waddingham doesn’t put up with any nonsense. The 49-year-old actress attended the Olivier Awards in London over the weekend, and while posing for pictures, she stopped in her tracks to slam a photographer for telling her to “show leg” in her sheer purple slit gown.

“Oh my God, you’d never say that to a man,” Hannah said while speaking directly to the photographer, according to a viral social media clip shared by Bruna. “Don’t be a d**k, otherwise I’ll move off. Don’t say ‘show me leg.’ No.”

As she walked away, several people were heard cheering for the Ted Lasso star. Commenters praised Hannah’s clapback on X (previously known as Twitter).

“Damn rude photographer. I’m glad she called him out!” one social media user wrote. “And I’m glad her friend Michael Ball was there to give her a hug; I’m sure she needed it in that moment.” Another chimed in by commenting, “What a queen – just when I thought I couldn’t love her more!”

Hannah has never been afraid to be her unapologetic self. The Game of Thrones alum recently sat down with Stephen Colbert to describe a dangerous stunt she had to film for the show.

Hannah Waddingham at the 2024 Olivier Awards
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“They weren’t stunts, but Thrones gave me something I wasn’t expecting from it, and that is chronic claustrophobia,” she said during an episode of The Late Show earlier this month. “Because I had 10 hours — I have talked about it since with David Benioff and Dan Weiss, the two exec producers on it. I was like, ‘Good job it’s for them because it was horrific.’”

Hannah went on to claim that she spent “10 hours of being actually waterboarded. Like actually waterboarded.”

“So, I’m strapped to a table with these leather straps,” she explained. “And I couldn’t lift up my head ’cause they said that’s gonna be too obvious that it’s loose. I was like, ‘Right. I’d quite like it to be loose.’ So, I’m on my way back, and I’m in this fancy pants lift, and my hair’s already bleached to death. I had grape juice all in my hair, so it went purple. I couldn’t speak because The Mountain had his hand over my mouth because I was screaming, and I had strap marks everywhere like I’d been attacked.”


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