Hot GambleFi Presale on Solana with Daily Rewards Raises Over $1.4 Million – Crypto Wire Presale Review

Crypto Wire reviews the highly-funded $1.4 million presale of Mega Dice ($DICE), a newly licensed crypto casino offering an extensive library of games.

Built on Solana, Mega Dice aims to dethrone a leading GambleFi platform and become the top crypto casino in the market today.

Mega Dice token presale raises over $1.4 million: A lucrative opportunity for early investors

The presale of Mega Dice tokens has already raised over $1.4 million, signaling strong investor interest and confidence in the project.

Each Dice token is priced at $0.075 during this initial phase, with the promise of higher prices in subsequent stages of the presale and upon launch.

The gradual price increase of $DICE tokens through different presale stages is designed to reward early investors and create a sense of urgency among potential buyers. Mega Dice is touted as the first GambleFi social platform on Solana, aiming to combine the worlds of gaming and decentralized finance.

A pioneer in the Telegram casino space, Mega Dice offers both casino games and sports betting, allowing users to register anonymously with just an email address. Already boasting over 50,000 players and 10,000 active monthly users, Mega Dice is experiencing rapid growth in the global crypto scene.

The platform stands out with a massive library of over 4,000 play-to-earn games across 50 top sports and esports categories, solidifying its position as a major player in both the gaming and crypto industries.

The latest addition to this impressive collection is “Wild Survivor,” a new game that tests players’ survival skills and offers the chance to win big at Mega Dice Casino. Furthermore, their active X account keeps players engaged with updates on new events and giveaways, further fueling investor interest in the project’s potential.

Investors can join the Mega Dice token presale through the official website by connecting their wallets using MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

For those facing difficulties in connecting their wallets, an alternative method is available: tokens can be purchased by sending Solana (SOL) to a designated address.

This flexibility ensures that a wide range of investors can participate using various cryptocurrencies, including SOL, Ethereum (ETH), and Binance Smart Chain (BNB). For more details on purchasing Mega Dice tokens, please refer to our comprehensive guide here.

Additionally, Mega Dice is hosting a substantial airdrop campaign during its presale. In Season 1, participants can share in a $750,000 airdrop, with future airdrops planned for Seasons 2 and 3.

Another unique feature is that token holders who stake their $DICE tokens will receive daily rewards based on the platform’s performance. This approach not only incentivizes early investment but also encourages ongoing engagement with the platform.

Mega Dice rewarding ecosystem for players and investors

Mega Dice is fostering a rewarding ecosystem that entices both players and investors. Limited edition NFTs are granted to select participants to unlock exclusive access, rewards, and trading opportunities within the Mega Dice marketplace.

The $DICE token serves as the central currency of this ecosystem, offering users exclusive features, rewards, and benefits. Early investors who participate in the presale will receive bonus $DICE tokens, maximizing the value of their investment.

Adding to the allure, a lucrative referral program grants existing token holders a 25% revenue share for introducing new investors to the platform. The $DICE tokenomics are meticulously designed to promote long-term growth and stability.

Out of a total supply of 420 million tokens, 35% are allocated for the presale, incentivizing early participation. Additionally, 15% is reserved for player airdrops, fostering community engagement.

Liquidity is ensured by allocating another 15% to liquidity pools, while a dedicated $DICE pool receives another 15%. Staking rewards are facilitated by a 10% allocation, and marketing and affiliate programs each benefit from a 5% allocation.

Mega Dice TokenomicsMega Dice Tokenomics

This balanced distribution strategy prioritizes both immediate investor benefits and long-term platform sustainability. Mega Dice’s roadmap outlines a clear path towards becoming the leading gaming token on the Solana blockchain.

Currently, the focus lies on the presale and establishing a robust marketing strategy for the post-presale launch. To ensure a fair launch, presale token claims will be synchronized with the listing on a decentralized exchange (DEX).

Furthermore, a substantial liquidity pool is allocated to guarantee market stability, and early staking incentives will be available to presale participants, offering lucrative rewards before the DEX launch. To delve deeper into the potential of this project, explore our Mega Dice Token ($DICE) Price Prediction guide.


The Mega Dice token offers a promising investment opportunity in the burgeoning GambleFi sector. With a successful presale already raising over $1.4 million and a comprehensive plan for growth and rewards, Mega Dice is poised to become a major player in the crypto and gaming industries.

Early investors stand to benefit from rising token prices, exclusive rewards, and a robust referral program. As the platform continues to grow, the value of $DICE tokens is expected to increase, making now an opportune time to invest in this innovative project. To join the Mega Dice token presale, visit


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