Microsoft demands China staff use iPhones not Android phones – report

Microsoft has announced that its employees in China will only be allowed to use iPhones for work-related activities starting in September.

The move comes as the US tech giant’s global Secure Future Initiative (SFI), aims to standardize employee cybersecurity measures across the company’s operations.

The decision revealed in an internal memo seen by Bloomberg, will affect hundreds of workers across mainland China who will now be required to use the Microsoft Authenticator password manager and Identity Pass app.

The world’s most valuable company will give iPhone 15 models to staff currently using Android handsets, including those made by Chinese manufacturers like Huawei and Xiaomi.

Why is Microsoft pushing for staff in China to switch to iPhones?

The edict comes amid heightened cybersecurity concerns for Microsoft. In January, the firm confirmed it was the subject of a hacking attack by Russian-state-sponsored Midnight Blizzard in what is said to have been a targeted recon mission affecting several US Government agencies. Microsoft has already begun notifying certain customers that hackers could have accessed their emails following the breach.

The abrupt halt on Android devices is also a result of the complicated mobile sector in China. Google Play is not available in the country, which has led smartphone makers to build and operate their own app stores. Microsoft argued the lack of Google’s services in China was a major factor in the decision. Apple’s iOS store is, however, available.

Microsoft has not addressed the issue publicly and did not answer queries from media about the reasons behind the decision.

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