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Beginning with the 2025 season, every NFL team will be permitted to have three different helmet shells after the league announced a revised uniform policy in April

An exception was made for teams that underwent a redesign this offseason, though, which is why the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans will both have three shells at their disposal this fall.

With that, we’re starting a concept series that creates second and/or third helmet designs for teams that have not unveiled them. We’ll also fix some issues we have with current alternate designs, too.

The eight-part series will start in the AFC East, then make its way alphabetically through the conference before moving to the NFC East and so forth. We’re eager to hear your thoughts on each design!

Buffalo Bills

Given the response to quarterback Josh Allen wearing a red helmet to a preseason practice a few years ago, it makes too much sense for the Bills to introduce a 1987-2001 throwback option.

But rather than copy the modern blue design he wore one year later, we decided to go with a “reverse retro” option for the third shell. Our version is also blue, but uses Buffalo’s 1962-73 logo instead.

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have exclusively worn white helmets throughout their history and already swap the decals on their current helmets when wearing their 1966 throwback uniforms.

That doesn’t count toward the limit on helmets since the shell doesn’t change, which allows us to introduce new aqua and orange options, the latter of which features a simplified leaping dolphin.

New England Patriots

With silver and white helmets already in the fold, the Patriots wouldn’t have to add another shell to wear – let’s say – 1960 or 1995-99 throwback uniforms, and would simply swap decals and/or facemasks. 

For this exercise, we’ve introduced a blue helmet that could be paired with New England’s all-blue ensemble. That would encourage the Patriots to wear silver pants as part of their regular home uniform.

New York Jets

Lastly, the Jets have worn black alternate helmets for the last two seasons, but they feature green decals with a white stroke. We’ve flipped the colors to match the numbers on their new jerseys.

The third helmet, meanwhile, once again gives New York a white shell option. Our design blends their new alternate logo and current shade of green with 1965-77 and 1998-2018 designs. 

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