Palworld Update Preview Available on Xbox Insider Program – Try Out Dedicated Servers Today!

The Xbox Insider Program is excited to announce that—starting today—the Palworld Update Preview is available for all Xbox Insiders. Joining the Palworld Update Preview will give Xbox Insiders early access to new features and game updates. This version of Palworld is fully compatible with existing saves, so everyone can continue exploring Palpagos with your already collected (and leveled!) Pals!

New content in Palworld Update Preview!

Pocketpair has been hard at work and are now ready to deliver the much-requested dedicated server feature to all Palworld Update Preview participants on both Xbox and Windows. Players can now connect to both Official and Community Dedicated Servers. Create your own server, invite your friends, and adventure across Palpagos in your very own private Palworld instance. The Pocketpair team is very excited to bring this feature to the Xbox ecosystem, and they can’t wait for Xbox Insiders to try it out, along with gathering feedback.

Sounds cool, but what’s Palworld?

Great question! Palworld is an open-world, survival, and crafting game by the wonderful folks over at Pocketpair. In Palworld, you will collect and work alongside mysterious creatures known as “Pals” to explore the Palpagos Islands. Build a base of operations, farm for rare resources and materials, and battle other Pal tamers with over 100 unique Pals that can join your adventures. You can even bring your friends along too as Palworld supports multiplayer for the ultimate Palworld experience.

Awesome! How do I join?

NOTE: To participate in the Palworld Update Preview, you will need to either own Palworld OR have access to the title via an active Game Pass subscription.

  1. Open (or, install if necessary) the Xbox Insider Hub on your Xbox Series X|S or Windows PC.
  2. Navigate to Previews > Palword Update Preview.
  3. Select Join.
  4. Wait for registration to complete, and you should be directed to the correct Store Page to install the preview.

NOTE: If you already have Palworld installed, please restart your console or PC after the registration has completed to ensure you get prompted to update to the Palworld Update Preview version.

NOTE: If you wish to revert to the publicly available version of Palworld, you will need to leave the Palworld Update Preview via the Xbox Insider Hub. This will prompt an update reversion to occur.

I’d like one dedicated server please!

If you’re looking to set up a dedicated server, please refer to this documentation provided by Pocketpair.

NOTE: Launching the dedicated server software might require updating to the latest DirectX and/or C++ Runtimes dependent upon user’s machine.

Something isn’t working. I need help!

If you experience any issues while playing Palworld Update Preview, please use “Report a problem” so we can investigate. (Note: This is only for Xbox consoles.)

  1. Hold down the home button on your Xbox controller.
  2. Select Report a problem.
  3. Select the Games category and the Palworld Update Preview subcategory.
  4. Fill out the form, in detail, and select Submit.

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