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The stars at night will be big and bright (emphasis on bright), deep in the heart of Texas next month at the 2024 Major League Baseball All-Star Game.

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Today, the league, along with New Era, unveiled the in-game, on-field, really real caps that will be worn by the All-Stars during the actual All-Star Game, and, well, they’re different.

Take a look:

The American League clubs, represented in the graphic above by the host and defending World Series champion Texas Rangers, will wear Lush Coral caps with a cream-coloured front panel. Each player’s regular season team logo is on the crown in light blue with the Lush Coral trim, placed upon two horizontal stripes leading to a shooting silver star on the far right of the crown. On the side is a similarly recoloured 2024 MLB All-Star Game logo patch.

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Looking at the National League, modelled above by the defending NL Champion Arizona Diamondbacks, their caps are light blue with a *navy blue* front panel (it looks black, right?), the team logo on the front recoloured in white and light blue. Again, two horizontal stripes lead to a silver star and the MLB All-Star Game logo on the right side.

Here are all thirty teams, organized by league and division:

What’s left to be seen is the jersey and pants that will go along with these caps. Typically, there is some flow between the two, so let’s go ahead and assume the AL players will wear cream jerseys and pants with their team logo on the chest with a shooting star pattern (maybe, almost Houston Astros-like? In Arlington?! Never!). The National League, I’m guessing, will wear that navy blue/black as their jersey and pants colour with a light blue and white team logo on the chest. We should find out those jersey designs around the same time they announce the 2024 All-Star Game starting lineup for each league.

Of course, there’s always room for more merch at the All-Star Game. The day before the All-Star Game we have the All-Star Workout Day, which includes the Home Run Derby as well as this collection of caps. It’s the same design as we’ll see in the All-Star Game itself, but with each team wearing their actual team colours, the result is a much more appealing design for fans of any of these clubs:

Note the Chicago Cubs are using their primary logo rather than their usual cap logo for both the All-Star Game and Workout Day.

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