Apple to axe 600 jobs after dropping plans for self-driving vehicles


Apple has avoided mass staff cuts in recent times, unlike other blue-chip firms that have acted to cull hundreds of thousands of roles since the pandemic.

Last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook told CNBC that the company did not envisage significant staff reductions.

“I view that as a last resort and, so, mass layoffs are not something that we’re talking about at this moment,” he said.

Times and circumstances change, as evidenced in this development but Apple has not been impacted by cuts in the same way the likes of Amazon have decimated its workforce headcount.

27,000 jobs were lost at Amazon in 2022, continuing through to this year, with Amazon Web Services announcing a fresh round of cuts this week, affecting hundreds of workers.

Elsewhere, Microsoft, eBay and PayPal are said to have ditched an estimated 34,000 positions recently, in a pivot to artificial intelligence as companies revise their resources.

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