Epic Space Shooter Retaliate Launches on Xbox July 15th

I’m Austin Sojka, the solo developer behind Romans I XVI Gaming, and I’m incredibly excited to announce that my passion project, Retaliate, will be launching on Xbox on July 15th, 2024.

Get ready to dive into a retro-inspired space shooter that brings a unique twist to the genre. In Retaliate, you start with no ammo. Instead, you must use your temporary shield to absorb enemy fire and convert it into your own ammunition. This mechanic adds a strategic layer to the classic shooter formula, making every encounter a thrilling challenge.

Retaliate invasion matrix

Your quest to uncover who has seized control of all the weapons in the galaxy and put an end to their reign of terror begins with Story Mode. The rich and immersive narrative provides a compelling backdrop to the intense space combat.

Retaliate trajectory

Your progress to put a stop to this foe is met with increasingly powerful enemies, armed with increasingly destructive weapons. But this is to your advantage! From homing missies, to bombs, to lasers and beyond. Every weapon of your enemy can become a weapon of your own.

Retaliate screenshot

Along the way, adjust your ship and shield to match your personal style. What is victory if you aren’t doing it in style? Customize your ship and your shield in the hangar. This allows for a personalized gaming experience that’s uniquely yours.

Retaliate screenshot

To keep the action fresh and exciting, Retaliate offers various game modes. In Endless Mode, you’ll test your endurance as you strive for the highest score against an infinite onslaught of enemies. Trials Mode presents the opportunity to hone your skill on the levels from Story Mode. And in Classic Mode, you can experience gameplay inspired by the original space shooter classics.

Retaliate phasers

Retaliate is available for pre-order on Xbox now! Don’t miss your chance to dive into this exciting space adventure on July 15th. Your support means the world to me, and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share this game with you.

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Retaliate is a retro inspired scrolling shooter with a twist, you start with no ammo!

Unlike those in the golden era of space shooters you are not so fortunate as to have infinite ammo. Instead use your shield to both destroy your enemies and absorb their weapons, then use your enemies’ weapons to retaliate!

• Story: Discover who has seized control of all the weapons in the galaxy and bring their reign of terror to an end!
• Arcade: Challenge yourself in your mastery of the mechanics of Retaliate. Go for a highscore in Endless mode, perfect the levels in Trials mode, or try the original that inspired it all in Classic mode.
• Hangar: What is victory if you’re not doing it in style? Customize your ship and your shield in the hangar.

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