How Building on Reader Comments Can Fuel Your Blog’s Growth


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Maintaining Momentum in Blogging Series

Blogging thrives on conversation. It’s not just about broadcasting your ideas; it’s about sparking dialogue and engaging with your community.

One of the most vibrant places for these interactions is often overlooked—the comment section.

As we continue “maintaining momentum” on your blog, let’s explore a strategy that places your readers at the heart of your content creation: leveraging their comments to guide your blogging journey.

I’ve always believed that the comments, questions, and shared experiences from you, the readers, are a goldmine of inspiration. Every comment left on ProBlogger is a potential catalyst for a new post. I read each comment that is left and attempt to respond wherever possible within comment threads. However, the nature of blogging means that conversations can quickly fade as new posts emerge. Although tools like ‘recent comments’ widgets and ‘comment subscription’ plugins can prolong the discussion, they only offer a temporary fix.

The real magic happens when I elevate a reader’s comment to the spotlight of a new blog post. This does more than just acknowledge a reader; it invites the entire community to dive deeper into the conversation, fostering a sense of ownership and belonging on your blog.

Creating Momentum through Engagement

This approach serves a dual purpose:

  1. It provides fresh content ideas. Running out of topics? Your comment section is brimming with inspiration for your next post. In fact, one of my favourite content production techniques is to turn a blog post upside down to get more comments.
  2. It revitalizes the conversation. Instead of letting discussions dwindle, highlighting a comment can reignite the exchange and take it to new heights. I did this in a recent post Content Creation vs Content Promotion: Where is the Balance?

Ways to Amplify Reader Comments

  • Link to the Discussion: Kickstart a new post by pointing your readers to an engaging conversation happening in the comments of a previous post. Check out this post as an example of this method.
  • Spotlight a Comment: Select a notable comment and feature it in a new post, ensuring to link back to the original discussion and credit the commenter. My motto is “Make Your Reader’s Famous” (see point 7 of this article)
  • Write a Follow-Up Post: Combine the above tactics with your reflections. Some comment threads have the power to change your perspective or introduce you to new ideas. By acknowledging these shifts openly, you demonstrate the value you place on your readers’ insights.

Using reader comments in your posts isn’t just a token gesture of appreciation. It shows how much you value your community. This approach not only makes the conversation on your blog better but also builds a strong sense of mutual respect and collaboration.

In reality, this strategy has helped ProBlogger keep moving and even gain more momentum. It reminds us that real connections are key to a successful blog.

So, I encourage you to see your comment section as more than just feedback. Think of it as a place where growth, inspiration, and closer connections with your readers can happen. Remember, the real power of your blog doesn’t just come from the content you make but also from the discussions it starts and keeps going.

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