Netflix gaming adds more than a dozen titles for subscribers

Household streaming giant Netflix has announced that it will add 14 new titles to its existing list of games.

Netflix currently boasts a list of over one hundred games available to subscribers to the monthly video package.

The video-on-demand service has lined up three releases with set dates across June and July. They are Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit on June 25, Too Hot to Handle 3 on July 18, and The Dragon Prince: Xadia on July 30.

Netflix adds 14 more games

Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit is developed by the now Netflix-owned Spry Fox games. The game is a crafting sim that puts you in the shoes of some well-intentioned scouts hoping to help some restless spirits find peace in the afterlife.

Too Hot to Handle 3 is a dating sim that takes its cue from the reality series, saying “This time, you’re the bombshell! Crash the retreat and start drama among paired-up singles in this season of Too Hot to Handle, the beloved dating game based on the series. More customization! Fewer inhibitions! Will you find love and romance or go for casual hookups in this dating game?”

Dragon Prince: Xadia is rooted in the show it harks back to. This gaming take on the world is a cooperative experience that allows players to pick a character from the show. It looks pretty hack-and-slash from developer Wonderstorm. It drops after the series finale of Netflix’s Emmy-winning show, Dragon Prince.

Other Netflix games slated for the summer

  • Tales of the Shire: A cozy take on the land of Hobbiton awaits subscribers
  • Netflix Stories: Emily in Paris: A role-playing game that puts the career-minded Emily in the City of Love to find her ideal career and herself in the process
  • The Case of the Golden Idol: A murder mystery sleuth game that aims to find a killer through clues and a mysterious idol dating back to 1742
  • Rotwood: A cooperative fighting game that puts you in a now overrun forest full of corrupted creatures
  • Don’t Starve Together: This game needs no introduction and has been an indie hit for a long time. It makes its way to Netlfix to snap up a new player base
  • Lab Rat: An AI game that pits the player in a labyrinth of 100 individual challenges. The narrative puzzler will alter based on the gameplay input in a test of skill to complete it
  • Netflix Stories: Perfect Match: A playful interactive adventure that places you in the hit Netflix reality series. Host Nick Lachey makes an appearance
  • Netflix Stories: Selling Sunset: The game follows the Oppenheim Group of realtors and you take on the challenge to become a top earner for them in a gauntlet of demanding clients and backstabbing colleagues
  • Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure: Follows the footsteps of protagonist Jemma, who hops out of her cozy confines to a bigger, challenging world
  • Harmonium: The Musical: The game is an interactive sign language musical that follows the journey of a deaf young singer who hopes to create a new form of musical interpretation. She is pulled into a fantasy world and must defeat Cacophony, an overbearing entity that can only be beaten with a musical masterwork

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