Our Google Pixel 8a vs. Google Pixel 8 video is now out

The Google Pixel 8a came out last month and is the company’s latest mid-ranger. That is, in certain areas. It’s powered by the same Tensor G3 chipset as the Pixel 8 which launched last year, and that phone is constantly on sale these days. This leads to an obvious question: Which of these is the better buy?

That’s exactly what our latest video aims to explore. We pit the new kid on the block, the Pixel 8a, against its older, more high-end relative, the Pixel 8, to see whether there’s a point in splurging a bit more for the latter or not.

We go through both devices’ features and how they compare, as you’d expect, in all the details: design, build, materials, ingress protection, display quality and brightness, speakers, storage and RAM options, software (including promised support), performance, battery life and charging, and photo and video quality.

If you’re interested in taking an even deeper dive into the differences between these two phones, take a look at our written comparison. Then, if one of them caught your eye, make sure you read our reviews – here’s the one of the Pixel 8, and here’s the one of the 8a.

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