Power Book II: Ghost Season 4 Episode 4 Review: The Reckoning

Things got tied up a little TOO neatly for Dru and Diana.

Was there a real threat that either Dru or Diana would die four episodes into the final season of Power Book II: Ghost? No. Absolutely not.

But could they have made the threat of their deaths feel like it COULD be possible? Yes. Absolutely yes.

The Power Universe has always been highly fantastical, and for the most part, you roll with it because the entertainment level outweighs the ridiculous.

But occasionally, an hour makes it hard to ignore the problems.

Monet has not been a good mother. Let’s get that out of the way because so much centers around that very real fact.

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How she deluded herself into believing she was worthy of the love and respect of her children is beyond me, but then again, it’s always hardest to see the faults within yourself when you’re constantly pointing out the wrongs of others.

Monet has lived a life where she’s often had to be her family’s sole provider.

That’s not easy. You can say she was doing her best and keeping in line with all she knew, but that would be taking Monet off the hook. She was a full adult with children and chose to provide in a way that jeopardized herself and her family.

Not only that, but she ignored their wishes from childhood into adulthood, grooming them to be soldiers and support the family when it wasn’t even what two of them wanted.

This season’s flashbacks have proven how selfish, domineering, and dangerous Monet could be. They have also shown how much she influenced her children and slowly made them who they are today.

And Dru and Diana, the people they are today, are people who wanted their mother dead.

The killing of a parent is old hat for Power at this point, but once the plan failed, you knew it would always end up with Monet finding out and all hell breaking loose. And that was what happened, though, as previously stated, never once did it feel like Dru or Diana’s life was really on the line.

If you lined up the Tejada family and put them in order of most menacing, where would you rank them?

You could interchange Monet or Cane at number one, with the other a close second. Then I’d place Dru in that third spot with Diana at the rear.

Yet, somehow, an unarmed Dru and Diana got past Monet, who had a gun pointed at them at close range, and Dru disarmed Cane without breaking a sweat.

Monet and Cane should have been ashamed of themselves!

When Diana pushed Monet onto a fluffy motel mattress, I knew Dru and Diana would easily survive this hour, but I didn’t expect Monet to suddenly realize she was the problem all in one day.

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Dru deserved a slow clap for his dressing down of Monet in the nicest motel room you will ever see. Years and years of rage flooded him, and he was right about everything he said.

You don’t give a fuck about us! You don’t care about what we want. Or what we need. You never have. We might actually be happy if it wasn’t or you.You weren’t even close to being a good mother. You just a bitch.


Monet refused to listen to those kids, especially the two who weren’t enamored with the life. She didn’t listen or care what anyone wanted if it didn’t align with what she needed those kids to do for her and the family name.

What a sad way to live life. Feeling like the only way to obtain approval or show your family that you care is by dealing drugs, killing people, or anything else morally wrong.

Diana has been much more agreeable to giving Monet a second chance for whatever reason, but Dru has stayed committed to his disdain, and that flashback proved why he’d hit his limit.

Dru killed a man when he should have been at school displaying his artwork. He had to mourn his father and a man he truly loved all because his mother needed them out of the way.

If Dru never talked to Monet again, that would be well within his right.

I could get behind Monet having some kind of epiphany about her wicked witch mothering if it came upon slowly, and she took stock of everything she’d done in her past over time and slowly made amends with her children.

But everything about this storyline felt rushed and not in the good way Power so often can be.

Monet had a gun pointed at her children, and a few hours later, after a quick chat with Janet and walking down memory lane, she suddenly realized she was awful, and now she didn’t want her children dead.


The whole thing felt off, even if I could understand what they were trying to do.

Diana’s pregnancy was clearly meant to be her ah-ha moment, and I get that, but this kind of story would have played out better if it had more time to breathe.

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Cane’s part in the Tejada family squabble was by far the most intriguing because while he’s the one most obsessed with his mother, he’s also on a bit of an island.

He’s constantly out of the loop more than he’s in it, which should be frustrating to him, considering all he’s done for the family business.

Effie: When have you ever been able to trust them, Tariq?
Tariq: I don’t fucking know, Effie. I don’t know.
Effie: Yeah, well, with what we’re doing, you can’t count on trust or loyalty. Doesn’t matter who it is. And you should know about that more than anyone.

Cane’s biggest problem has always been his desire to prove himself. He’s desperate to be a leader, but he’s short-tempered, often short-sighted, and highly emotional in a way we’ve seen work for others but doesn’t necessarily work for him.

It’s always felt like he needed someone (mainly Monet) to keep him somewhat focused and in check, and he’s needed that balance.

But much like his siblings, Monet uses him as she needs him and does not spare a thought about his feelings. Cane has sometimes gotten frustrated with her and put up distance at certain points, but when mother has come calling, son has come running.

Though, those days are seemingly over.

Noma is just another Monet when you think about it.

Cane’s just so desperate for someone to value him and something to feel proud of that he’s trading one superior for another. But with Noma, he’s feeling more appreciated now, and much of that has to do with the two sharing a bed.

Cane and Noma’s little relationship isn’t worth discussing because it’s clearly not an epic love story. But as the season progresses, it will be interesting to see how it affects business.

I don’t think Noma knows how not to use people, and I don’t think Cane sees Noma as anything more than someone who can get him to the heights he wishes to achieve.

That combination makes for fascinating bedfellows.

Tariq is level-headed in most situations, but not when it comes to his mother. It’s like all rational thought leaves his mind and is replaced with this insatiable desire to protect her.

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I loved when Brayden asked him whether or not this was the time for a revenge spree when they had so much else going on. But Tariq felt like he had a mess to clean up because Dru and Diana set things into motion, and could out Tariq as the shooter, even though he wasn’t.

But they don’t know Tasha took the shot. And Tariq has been claiming not to know anything about anything to Monet.

I forget just how messy this series can sometimes be until episodes like this, where you have to remember all these past clues and instances to make sense of what’s playing out.

The bottom line is Tariq needed Dru and Diana dead.

Did anyone feel bad for Diana when she had to go to Salim, of all people, and had a bit of a breakdown when he pressed her to tell him what the hell was going on?

Salim was a weirdo, but he did right by Diana in that moment by providing her with something no one else in her life had done lately. He listened when she needed it, providing comfort and a safe place.

Of course, all it took was Tariq pointing a gun at him for everything to go to crap, but he did that one little thing when he tried to protect Diana as best he could.

But now he’s dead. Imagine minding your business, your ex comes looking for help, which you provide, and then you end up with a slug in your gut.

It’s a shame, truly.

The whole standoff between Monet and Tariq was another thing that just wasn’t as compelling as they surely wanted it to be.

Monet saved the day for Diana; a truce was called, and now, where does that leave us?

Obviously, there’s more to come, and there’s no way that the beef between Tariq and the Tejadas has suddenly been squashed forever. Still, considering this was one of the most significant plots coming into the season, the payoff was disappointing.

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Side note: Tariq killed someone and found out he’s going to be a daddy all within a few hours and was at the party laughing with Brayden and already concocting his next nefarious plan!

A St. Patrick indeed.

Props to Brayden for getting that concert and merch operation up and running so quickly, but it’s giving CourseCorrect knockoff right now. And anything that seems surefire never is.

There’s too much secrecy involved, and something is liable to go wrong. Also, we missed Brayden and Elle getting together, but they’re comfortable enough for him to spill his business plans to her AND give her free coke?

Someone get Brayden back in school! He’s doing too much.

Any hour that ends with Brayden and Tariq somewhat happy makes me nervous. And that look on Tariq’s face when Anya introduced herself sent chills up my spine.

He is about to get firmly into his James St. Patrick bag and use the hell out of that girl to get something for himself. And how much do you want to bet he doesn’t tell Brayden anything?

Everything Else You Need To Know

  • Dru didn’t want to die but took every opportunity to tell people about themselves. The guy has spent half the season beat up!

  • Cane kicked Dru out of the penthouse, and his life was so dramatic, but Dru should have cut Cane out first. Cane was ready to kill him and DID shoot at him already. Cane should be dead to him and not the other way around.

  • Janet feels like the writers created her dialogue from a bunch of tweets and brought her on to say everything the audience is thinking. Still, I don’t know whether or not she’s to be fully trusted.

  • Detective Carter’s a man who wants to do everything his way, and as we’ve seen in the past, that has not worked out well for people in law enforcement. But he’s damn good at sowing doubt in people.

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  • They keep mentioning Tate, but we have yet to see Tate. With Kamaal back, you’d think we’d see Rashad at some point this season.

  • Do they not know what to do with Davis anymore? His role so far this season has been minimal. There’s a good angle to play here with him up and under Noma, but they didn’t tap into it here, and I’m nervous about what that means going forward.

  • Cane being the perfect wingman for Noma was comical. Cane is a lot of things, but when you ask him to turn up the charm to 100, he can deliver.

There is only one more hour before the series takes an elongated break before returning this fall to cap off the series.

Perhaps I was a little hard on this one, but it’s only because the standard is so high. Power Ghost has been the most consistent of the spinoffs, and they hardly ever miss.

This one had some issues, but they can bounce back quickly with the midseason finale.

I would love to hear from you about this one, especially if you enjoyed it more than I did. Please comment below and let me know what you want to see moving forward!

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