Qualcomm spoofs old “I’m a Mac” ads to promote Snapdragon X powered PCs

Remember those “I’m a Mac/I’m a PC” ads that Apple used to run in the late 2000s? They were so successful that they have their own Wikipedia page. Several rivals have tried to imitate them, going as far as hiring Justin Long (the “I’m a Mac” guy).

Qualcomm did as well with a cheeky clip at the end of the Computex keynote, which introduced the first Copilot+ PCs, all of which use a Snapdragon X (Elite or Plus) chip.

In the clip, Justin Long is still using a MacBook and is still wearing casual clothing – but is now being pestered with constant notifications. Too frequent notifications are one of those nuisances that the Copilot AI can handle, either by muting them while you’re busy or by responding for you when prompted with a voice command.

Here is the clip near the end of the keynote:

Of course, Apple has designed its own powerful NPU, but it doesn’t have an AI model on tap – unlike Qualcomm, which is working together with Microsoft on the Windows-on-ARM endeavor. Ironically, Apple is reportedly going to partner with OpenAI and Microsoft owns 49% of that (after investing $11 billion and is leveraging OpenAI tech for Copilot).


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