Steam sale aims down sights on FPS savings


Steam is gearing up for a bullet-flinging first-person shooter sale, kicking off April 15. The weeklong Steam FPS Fest offers discounts to games of every possible FPS genre, from squad-based tactical shooters to solo adventures.

What’s in the Steam FPS Fest 2024?

We have picked out the top titles featured in the sale across these many genres. One of the featured deals is 2021’s legendary remaster of the cult classic Crysis 3. The FPS adventure is an excellent deep dive into tech-based stealth combat.

  • Recently released Robocop: Rogue City (it launched in November) is the gaming incarnation of Paul Verhoeven’s dystopian android revenge flick from 1987. Earlier this year, an executive with the game’s publisher, Nacon, said that the dominance of AAA games in the FPS genre left little opportunities for smaller studios to thrive in that core genre. So this is a chance to pick up the well received title at a lower price point.
  • Verdun and Hell Let Loose go back in time to the trench warfare and the sundered grounds of Northern France in World War I. These shooters have all the bleak greyscale grittiness and the vintage weaponry one would expect in an adaptation of The Great War.
  • For those riding the wave of 1990s nostalgia, games like ULTRAKILL, System Shock and Ravenfield scratch that Nintendo 64 itch.

“These are the games where first-person is the default or common mode for playing, so join us April 15 through the 22nd for Steam’s FPS Fest,” says the sale announcement video.

Featured games in the FPS Sale:

  • Crysis 3 Remastered
  • Black Mesa
  • Rust
  • Far Cry® 6
  • Squad
  • SCP: 5K
  • Verdun
  • Hell Let Loose
  • Hunter: Call of the Wild
  • RoboCop: Rogue City
  • Depth
  • High On Life
  • Ravenfield
  • System Shock
  • Trepang2

There is a handy countdown clock on the Steam sale page that lets gamers know how long they have to wait until they can snap up the discounted titles. The current deals on Steam are also listed, with Vampire Survivors top of the pile drawing a gamer review score of 97.

The rogue-like game has seen a busy 2024, and will be winging its way to PlayStation this summer, and on May 9, brings crossover DLC with the heroes of Konami’s Contra into the bargain.

Last month, a slate of classic games that had never been for sale on Steam finally made their way to its marketplace. The late bloomers include cherished favorites like Populous and the Red Faction series of games.

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