Vampire Survivors is finally coming to PlayStation — but first, Contra DLC!


Vampire Survivors, the wildly replayable bullet-hell roguelite that launched in the fall of 2022, will come to PlayStation 4 and PS5 this summer, the developer announced on Wednesday during indie gaming’s Triple-I initiative. Meantime, the game will get its second crossover DLC at the beginning of May, bringing in Konami’s Contra for a mission called Operation Guns.

Operation Guns will bring in Contra’s Bill and Lance to help manage the undead infestation with an array of powered-up guns. In the game trailer released on Wednesday, the original game’s essential spread-fire and tricky laser rifle are on display, inflicting some bullet-hell pain on the horde.

There are dozens of weapons (and their evolutions) in Vampire Survivors, but if we’re not mistaken, this is the first time firearms will be used in the game. What better pair to introduce them than the heroes of Konami’s classic side-scroller, which in 1988 introduced the fabled Konami Code to a generation of Nintendo Entertainment System fans.

When does Vampire Survivors launch on PlayStation?

The PlayStation launch does not have a date more specific than summer; when it does arrive, that will mean that Vampire Survivors is finally available on all current platforms. It first launched on PC in October 2022, with launches following on Xbox, mobile, and Nintendo Switch over the next year.

Developer and publisher Luca “poncle” Galante says the PlayStation version will be fully updated, with all four DLC expansions available to purchase. The base game ranges from $3.99 on PC to $4.99 on console marketplaces.

Operation Guns will cost $2.49, the same as Vampire Survivors’ first crossover with another game Emergency Meeting, a collaboration with Innersloth’s Among Us that launched in December. Most recently, Riot Games announced a crossover with Vampire Survivors was coming to League of Legends, also sometime this summer.


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