Vince Staples Gets Netflix Show Renewed for Second Season

Vince StaplesNetflix series, The Vince Staples Show, is coming back for a second season. “The Vince Staples Show is back!” Staples exclaimed in a statement to “The people have spoken and the most riveting, captivating, and polarizing show on Netflix is returning for Season 2. Get ready for hijinks that only a mother can love. Thank you, Netflix!”

“There are 365 days in a year, so we’re able to have 365 episodes of this thing because they’re all based on what it’s like to just exist day-to-day,” Staples added. “Next for Vince is literally anything because anything could happen at any moment, that’s just how life works.”

Staples created The Vince Staples Show with Ian Edelman and Maurice Williams. He is also one of the program’s executive producers and stars in the series as a fictionalized version of himself. The Netflix show’s five-episode first season premiered in February; a launch date for the second season has not been announced.

Last week, Vince Staples released the new album Dark Times.

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