When Calls the Heart Season 11 Episode 10 Spoilers: Nathan and Elizabeth Intervene When Allie Makes a Dangerous Decision

From the teaser promo above, it appears Elizabeth accompanies Nathan on the trip to retrieve Allie.

She may be able to support both father and daughter as Nathan admits the actual reason Dylan is on prison.

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This could be the turning point for the family.

Since spoiler photos show Nathan, Elizabeth, Allie, and Jack sharing dinner together, it appears that Nathan and Allie reconciled.

Hopefully, now Allie realizes how much Nathan loves her and that he only wants to protect her.

Only three episodes remain in Season 11, and Nathan and Elizabeth haven’t had an official date or shared an official kiss yet.

However, they act like a family conquering crises together.

Elizabeth has always been close to Allie, and now Nathan will help Jack learn how to ride.

Did the couple skip a bunch of steps, or do people prefer going straight from good friends to family?

Besides Lucas turning to Montague, we’ve yet to see an ultra-dark side of Lucas.

Now that Jeanette is returning, she may lure him back into her web, especially if she thinks he’s desperate for her bid and companionship. Jeanette seems more in Lucas than he cares about her

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Everything comes with a price, and Lucas hasn’t been willing to let the resort go.

While initially it seemed like he wanted to help Hope Valley, part of it looks like Lucas has something to prove.

I believe that he wants to create the resort so that there are more jobs for Hope Valley, Benson Hills, and the surrounding areas, but the former Lucas Bouchard wouldn’t sell his soul to accomplish that.

Spoilers indicate that Lucas uncovers some memories that force him to switch gears.

Hopefully, he finally remembers who shot him and makes peace with Rosemary, Bill, and Lee so they can help him solve this season-long mystery.

Who-dun-its are intriguing, but this one has dragged on too long.

It’s time for the payoff.

As When Calls the Heart Season 11 Episode 9 revealed, Mrs. Watson has recovered and is returning to pick up Lily.

Spoilers reveal that Faith is ready to make a big move.

Naturally, Faith wants to stay involved in Lily’s life, so hopefully, this involves something like asking Mrs. Watson and Lilly to move to Hope Valley.

Lily has made many friends and is adored by many people in town.

That might not go over well because Mrs. Watson may not to uproot her life, so hopefully, they find a compromise where both of them help raise Lily.

We haven’t seen much of Mike and Mei except for pop-up scenes in the last few episodes.

They haven’t had any meaningful moments since she cooked him dinner in When Calls the Heart Season 11 Episode 6.

The last batch of spoilers teases that Mei cooks for Mike’s family. Meeting the family is a big deal.

We only have a few episodes left until the season finale, when a couple is getting married.

They are one of the couples in the mix.

Could this family dinner be when the proposal occurs?

Mike knows how much Mei values family and Maisy already approves of her.

We can’t wait to hear what Mike’s parents think of Mei and whether wedding bells will ring.

What are you looking forward to seeing in “What Goes Around,” Hearties? Will this be the week that brings Nathan and Elizabeth closer?

Is Jeanette someone Lucas can trust?

Will Mrs. Watson and Faith come to an agreement about Lily?

We’d love to know your thoughts, so share them with us below.

When Calls the Heart airs at 9/8c on Sundays on The Hallmark Channel.

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